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Faith - FiveM

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Faith is one of the best if not the best mod menu for FiveM, it is ran by a team of professional developers, with over 5 years of experience in the industry.
Faith pride themselves in always being ahead of the game, facing zero detection's!
And are trusted by thousands of customers.

This is a one time purchase, and no automatic charges will be made.

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Short Feature list

Local - Options on yourself, such as Godmode, noclip etc..

On Players - Options that are used on players, such as Teleport Player To Me, Spectate Player, Crash Player etc...

On All Player - This is the same as On Players, but it executes it on every player rather than the selected player.

Teleport - Teleport to waypoint, to certain places etc..

World - Control the world around you, change the weather, Waves, npcs, Spawn blackholes, Flying Vehicles, RainBow Vehicles, Teleport Vehicle to Me etc...

Vehicle Manager - Spawn Vehicles, Change vehicles engines colors etc..

Weapons - Spawn Weapons

Object Spawner - Spawn Objects into the world, example you can spawn a rock on the ground.

Protections - Protections for crash methods, kicks etc.

Lua Executor - Execute Lua into the game

Resource - View Resources, Block Resources, Network Block Resources, Partial Block Resources, Execute resource functions ( Resources are basicly the Plugins that server owners create/download )

ESP - Esp just your regular esp.

Aimbot - low Fov aimbot, adjust gun settings, choose which bone etc.

Anti-Anticheat - Bypasses for various different server anticheats, such as ATG, choco etc. Features such as, Replicate Heartbeat will be in here.

FiveM - Exclusive features of servers resources.

Cloud - Save Scripts into the cloud where others that use the same product also can see the scripts.

Language - Choose between different languages we provide.+

Misc - Misc features for games such as RapidFire, Speedhack etc..

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Faith - FiveM