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Impulse Mod Menu - Discontinued


Impulse decided to discontinue their development in its mod menu, due to updates required for the when GTA updated was too large and required too much time. 
However Impulse has been around for several years in the modding community, and it has truly been a good time.

The most popular Mod Menu on the market to this date, Impulse is still the number one choice for a lot of people out there!
With a name that's built on trust, Impulse offers some of the best trolling and fun features present in a menu that is guaranteed to help you have fun while making it easy to use due to its clean UI! If you don't have Impulse, you're missing out on something really good!

Upgrading from Essentials to Standard requires you to already own Impulse Essentials, same goes for Standard to VIP upgrade!

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  • Essentials
  • Standard
  • VIP
  • Essentials to Standard Upgrade
  • Standard to VIP upgrade

Impulse Mod Menu

Impulse is one of the greatest mod menus on the market, it is incredibly easy to use, and offer unique features, it can even kick & crash most other menus, RID to SCID converter, compatible for ScripthookV and very nice and clean recovery options. 

Showcase & Full Installation Guide

We at RadiantCheats do not advise or condone -in any way, shape, or form- the usage of mod menus online as it is strictly forbidden as described in Rockstar’s Terms of Service.

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