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All our menus is some of the best on the market, for any budget.

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We offer an outstanding service with our fantastic staff team with long experience in modding available 24/7.
We will help you find your desired menu, install & inject it to your game. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions!

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For all our products, we offer an instant delivery. After purchase, you will find your license key at the "My Keys" section at the top of the website, here.

Refund Warranty

We have a refund policy, allowing you to request a 40% refund within 3 days of purchase date!


About Us

Over the last couple years we've been one of the leading resellers, providing cheats for thousands of happy customers.
Through our journey we have strived to improve our services to its very limits!
Now we offer exceptional service & cheap prices on all our products. 
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Our Latest Product:

Victory Mod Menu

Victory Mod Menu is a fresh and exciting mod menu that has released with the aim to solidify the mid-range segment of the GTA 5 modding market. Rather than excelling in a certain area, Victory has plenty of options in every category, so you won’t go without or come up short in-game.

Some of its features:
– Heist Control

– 750k Stealth Recovery
– Rank Changing (Instantly reach level 8000)
– Enjoy victory in 5 built-in languages
– Map Modding
– And hundreds more of wild and wonderful features that other menus dont offer!

Our Products

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