Welcome to our PayPal page!

Please follow the steps below to purchase with PayPal!
On all orders we charge a processing fee.

How to purchase with PayPal:

Before purchase your should join our discord server, as we require you to be in our discord server to deliver your license key!
If for any reason the delivery fails, please open a ticket in our discord server and explain the situation.

1. After you click on "Purchase with PayPal" you will see a list of products, select the cheat you want.
Some of the product names will be slightly different for example, 2take1 VIP 90 days, is "2t1 V 90" & VIP Lifetime is "2t1 V Life" 
If duration of the product is not specified it means its lifetime.

2. Then you must enter your discord tag e.g: name#1111 at "Reward Username"

3. When you complete the purchase, our discord bot will dm you and send you your license key.
If you have dm's disabled a ticket will be opened automatically and you will be added to the ticket, and your license key will be sent there.

You will also be given full installation instructions.

As always if you have any questions, or need help with the installation, our support team is available 24/7.