Welcome to our PayPal page!

Please follow the steps below to purchase with PayPal!
On all orders we charge a processing fee. (included in price)

How to purchase with PayPal:

Before you purchase, you should join the Discord server as keys are delivered through our Discord bot in direct messages. If for any reason the delivery fails, please open a ticket in our public Discord server and explain the situation.

1. Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/hJFsN4bPnb
    You will receive your license key in the discord server automatically once the order is complete.

2. When you have joined our discord server, follow this link: https://donatebot.io/checkout/984550470448218132 you will then see a list of products. Select the cheat you wish to purchase.
Note: Some of the product names will be slightly different for example, 2take1 VIP 90 days is "2t1 V 90" & 2take1 VIP Lifetime is "2t1 V Life"
If duration of the product is not specified, it means it is lifetime.

3. For "Reward Username", you must select your Discord tag. This is very important as you will not receive your license key if you choose the wrong Discord tag. (For your Discord tag to show, you must have joined our PayPal Discord server in step one.)

4. When the purchase is complete, our Discord bot will send your license key in direct messages (if direct messages are disabled, it will open a ticket).

Installation instructions can be found here: Home | Radiant Wiki Instructions

As always if you have any questions or need help with the installation process, our support team is available 24/7!