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  • Dream Client - Minecraft


    Dream basic (Web-GUI controlled cheat)

    Experience the next level of control with Dream Minecraft Client! Our latest version is powered by a cutting-edge web GUI, putting the power at your fingertips. And here's the kicker – you can now harness this control right from your phone! Elevate your gaming experience with Dream – it's not just a client, it's a revolution.

    Supported Minecraft Versions:

    Badlion Anti-Cheat, Lunar Client, Badlion, Forge, Optifine, and Vanilla (1.7-1.8)

    Dream Advanced (GUI cheat with more versions support)

    Dream Advanced is a revolutionary product tailored for users seeking to enjoy the latest features without the risk of bans! We highly recommend this version to our customers, it truly does not disappoint!

    Supported Clients:

    Lunar Client, Badlion, Forge, Optifine, Vanilla, and various unofficial launchers

    Compatible Minecraft Versions:

    1.7-1.8, 1.12.2

    System Requirements:

    Windows 10 or 11

    Discover the unparalleled gaming experience with Dream today!

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