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  • 0xCheats FiveM
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    0xCheats FiveM


    The team at 0xCheats comprises of skilled developers who have created remarkable software for various games. Their mod menu has gained recognition for its exceptional power, stability, and user-friendly interface.

    Here are some of the notable options included in the 0xCheats mod menu:

    • JS Executor
    • Weapon Options
    • Visual Options
    • Extended Aimbot
    • Hotkeys
    • Advanced ESP System
    • Triggers
    • Customization features and more!
  • redEngine FiveM Lua Executor


    Take your Lua development to new heights with a cutting-edge Lua Software Development Kit (SDK).
    Designed specifically for Lua developers, this SDK offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to streamline your debugging process and enhance your coding experience.

    Popular menus like Eulen, Lumia, and many other FiveM menus requires RedEngine to run.

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  • HX FiveM Mod Menu


    Experience top-notch quality with HX Cheats, a standout among FiveM mod menus.
    HX Mod menu offer immerse customization, its easy to use & install.
    While many menus depend on redEngine, HX Cheats operates independently, making it an easier and more intuitive choice.

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  • redEngine FiveM Spoofer


    The RedEngine FiveM spoofer is your definitive shield in the gaming universe.
    Experience unmatched protection from HWID bans, ensuring that your gaming sessions remain uninterrupted.
    Navigate the world of FiveM with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your identity and device are securely shielded from potential threats.

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  • Lumia FiveM


    Lumia is a fairly new mod menu for FiveM.
    Lumia offers limitless possibilities with a lot of features.
    Despite being quite a new menu its already a popular menu within the FiveM community.

    Important: You need RedEngine to run Lumia!
    Purchase RedEngine here

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  • Eulen - FiveM
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    Eulen - FiveM


    Eulen is the ultimate FiveM tool, complete with a Lua Executor, Dumper, SHBypass, and Resource Blocker. It's the go-to choice for FiveM enthusiasts, known for its undisputed popularity and impeccable undetectable record—no reported bans.

    Eulen is also stream-proof, allowing you to confidently livestream and record your gameplay using the hidden cheat in OBS. Enhance your roleplay with Eulen ESP and configurable aiming assistance, taking your gaming experience to new heights.