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  • Victory Mod Menu


    Victory Mod Menu is a fresh and exciting mod menu that has released with the aim to solidify the mid-range segment of the GTA 5 modding market. Rather than excelling in a certain area, Victory has plenty of options in every category, so you won’t go without or come up short in-game.
    Protections, Crashes? They’ve got that. Fun options? Of course they have that. Victory is a perfect starting point in modding, and actually a great ending point. You won’t need another menu after buying this, it’s a complete purchase.

    You may like some of these features

    – Heist Control
    – 750k Stealth Recovery
    – Rank Changing (Instantly reach level 8000)
    – Enjoy victory in 5 built-in languages
    – Map Modding
    – And hundreds more of wild and wonderful features that other menus dont offer!

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    2take1 Mod Menu


    2Take1 is widely considered one of the top Mod Menus available for Grand Theft Auto.
    It's known for being the quickest to update following GTA updates, providing unmatched protection to keep you safe from interference, and offering exceptional stability for hours of uninterrupted gameplay. This menu boasts a wide range of features to keep you entertained, and its unique Lua Script Engine enables you to create and code your own scripts in Lua, allowing for even greater customization. 2Take1 is a must-have menu for anyone serious about GTA modding, and is widely regarded as one of the best on the market.

    Upgrade from Standard to VIP requires you to already have a Standard LIFETIME license of 2take1. 

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  • Ethereal Mod Menu
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    Ethereal Mod Menu

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    Ethereal GTA V is a budget-friendly and feature-packed mod menu for GTA V that offers a wide range of options for recovery, trolling, protection, and custom modded vehicles. Its user-friendly interface and regular, free updates make it a safe and undetected choice for all versions of Windows.

    With Ethereal GTA V, you can take your gameplay to the next level thanks to its strong kick and crash protection features, which give you the upper hand in even the most packed lobbies.

    Don't settle for less when it comes to your mod menu – choose Ethereal GTA V and dominate in the game without breaking the bank!

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    Stand Mod Menu


    If you're looking for a top-quality mod menu that delivers unprecedented features and unmatched experience, Stand is certainly a good choice. With its exceptional recovery capabilities, you can quickly give yourself millions and enjoy all the features you need.

    Stand is renowned for its impressive stability and performance within the game, customizable options, advanced protection from modder attacks, and user-friendly interface. With the best co-loading compatibility available, you can use Stand simultaneously with any other mod menu. Moreover, it supports LUA Scripts and ASI Mods, enabling you to add an unlimited number of functions to your menu.

    Unlike other menus, Stand is polished to perfection, with no bugs or crashes and offers unique features such as Watchdog-style world modification, in-game augmented reality, and a web interface for using the menu from your browser or even your smartphone. It's incredibly easy to install and comes with translation in all languages. Without a doubt, Stand is the most reliable and best option to choose from on the market.

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